Books in Hand

Children who do not read over the summer lose two to three months of reading development. This summer reading setback  is the primary reason for the reading achievement gap between children who have access to reading materials at home and those who don’t. Whereas children without books lose two to three months of reading proficiency, kids who have access to books tend to gain a month of reading proficiency over the summer months. Researchers found that it may not be enough to simply give kids access to libraries, but that it was the access to books actually in the home that lead to the most opportunities to read (“Summer Reading is Key to Maintaining or Improving Students’ Reading Skills,” Science Daily, July 21, 2010).

Harford County Education Foundation helps build reading proficiency by sending backpacks of age and reading level appropriate books home with students who have the need to improve their reading skills.

You can help by holding a book drive, donating overstock or donating your gently used books that your children have outgrown.