Harford County Education Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit education foundation that recognizes the importance of quality education as it relates to the future residents of Harford County.

Our society depends on students both to master school subjects and to excel in areas such as problem solving, critical thinking, and communication – abilities often referred to as “deeper learning” and “21st –century skills.”  Increasing academic rigor and 21st-century competencies show consistent, positive correlations with desirable educational and career outcomes.

The Education Foundation works to level the playing field with the needed extra supports and resources, so every student is fully prepared.


Tools for Schools Breakfast

Join us for this 15th annual celebration of education and support every childs most basic learning needs. https://harfordeducation.org/events/breakfast/


Classroom grants help educators create innovative educational programs. Fund a project, or contribute directly to the Classroom Grant Fund.

Connect to a Classroom


Help us ensure all students have school supplies on their first day of school and throughout the school year! Stuff the Bus