School and Classroom Enrichment

Invest in a classroom.  Inspire a child.  Achieve success.      

Creativity in the classroom is good for our students.  Harford County Education Foundations  School and Classroom Enrichment program provides funding opportunities for educators to create innovative and exciting educational programs or projects for their students to enrich the educational experience. 

Teachers and school administrators can apply for project funding that benefits individual classrooms or their entire school.  Innovation and enrichment funding provides the resources teachers need to inspire and enhance learning.

The community is encouraged to participate in the success of our students by funding a classroom project or donating to the School and Classroom Enrichment Fund.

100% of your donation is fully tax deductible.

Donate the entire amount or a partial amount to meet the funding goal of the program. Donors will receive a letter acknowledging their support, the outcomes of the program, and a thank you letter from the class.  Your name or corporate logo will be included on the Harford Achieves! page honoring your support of student success.

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