Give every child the future they deserve. Give them the gift of a college education.

Harford County Education Foundation’s programs mentor youth so they are prepared for college and the workforce. But not every child has the means to pay for a college education.

Even after they graduate from high school, the Education Foundation continues working with students to ensure they have the resources and support to help them achieve a college diploma. Many times, the barrier for a student to complete college is financial. Our team works with high school students to create a funding plan for college. We help with finding and crafting scholarship applications. When we give a scholarship to a graduating senior of Harford County Public Schools, we know they will be successful in college.

You can help each graduating student find college success. You can give several ways:

College Pathways Scholarship Fund – donate any amount to the general scholarship fund.

Establish a Named Scholarship – you can establish a scholarship in memorial or honorarium of a special person who has touched your life. As the donor, you can determine the guidelines for the scholarship or we can assist you. .

Donors for named scholarships will receive a letter from the scholarship recipient and an essay one year later on how the scholarship is helping them achieve their college goals.

Contact us for more information or to Establish a Scholarship Fund